Thursday, 22 November 2012


German born John and the Vietnamese/Canadian Thien met in Hamburg in 2002. After discovering their love for the same type of music, their relationship started to grow. They became an inseparable duo called Chopstick & Johnjon and they headed off to Berlin together to jump start their career. From their new headquarters they started travelling the globe for gigs in Japan, Canada, Australia and Brazil. On one of their trips, Thien stole some synthesizers in Vancouver, and their label Criminal Records was born.

In the studio Chopstick sits down at the piano and starts playing, while John always identifies the main theme of each song. The duo describes their style as “4/4 beat, 100bpm and more. Always positive, happy, techy and fat beats. You could call our sound Harmony Rave.” Personally, I agree with this, but most of all it just makes me want to move my ass and dance.

Want to see them perform? Make sure you get tickets for STRAFWERK December 7th in Amsterdam. Because this event was sold out within days, keep a close eye on Facebook and start spamming your friends.

Enough talk, check out their amazing tune called ‘Listen’.

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