Thursday, 22 November 2012


Everyone knows the feeling you get, right when the waiter serves the main course to you and your friends. You should have chosen that other dish. Your dish looks ok, tastes alright, but you are filled with regret. Restaurant Red in Amsterdam solves this problem for you.

When you arrive at Red on the Keizersgracht, it takes a while until you understand where it is situated as it has no clear signs on the door or windows. After finding the front door, you get a warm welcome and the staff immediately comes over to take your coat. When the Red menu arrives it turns out that most of it's two page menu consists of drinks, the only dishes they serve are caviar, lobster and tournedos. For a second, you get a little panic attack. Then you realize that this is probably more convenient that you could have imagined.

We had a great night at Red. The atmosphere is cosy and the staff knows the food they serve. The decor has some funny details like the big lamp on the entrance door. The lobster and tournedos are both very good and for those who can handle it, go for the delicious grand dessert. But watch out for that hard raspberry cone.

You will pay around 25 euro's for a first and main course combined, now go see for yourself.