Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Tired of paying with sweaty money? Losing you bank card? Giving random tips because you don't have a place to put the change? This gadget has sold out in a matter of hours and we know you want one too!
Introducing: the Hema bra wallet.

This innovative gadget was designed by Hiske Elferink for the design competition that HEMA set up for their customers. Since Hiske is a girl, she probably understands that if we want to put our hands in the air, we don't want to awkwardy hold a purse at the same time. However much we love the ''clutch'' trend, no clutch is really gorgeous enough to keep us from dancing comfortably. 

The bra wallet is available in two designs. You can buy one at HEMA.nl and in stores for only 4,95. The wallets were sold out in a matter of moments, so right now we are waiting for a restock. Isn't this the perfect funny Christmas gift?

Special advice from the girls at the My11things office
If you are not blessed with large breasts, putting a wallet on both sides of your bra guarantees a cleavage to die for.