Friday, 21 December 2012


This spring, black and white will be all over the streets. At first, that made us a little sad. Nothing beats getting all of those popping colours out of your closet during the spring.

Luckily, we spotted some new interesting runway trends that will help you spice up these basic colours. Just to give you a taste, it has something to do with shiny leather and polkadots.

So don't fear the black and white trend, wear it 2013 style.

Black and white is perfect for checkered effects and looks more festive when combined with shiny materials.

The slashed black leather is quite new on the runway and looks like it is applicable to many wardrobe items. The cut of the top gives a baseball player edge to the classic colour combination of black and white.

We did not spot many polkadots over the last couple of years. However, starting with dotted tights and denim, it looks like the classic black and white polkadot is on its return next spring.

Black leather is extra special next season when it's shiny. Beware of latex SM type looks.

Ofcourse you can also use black and white in a classic, business like combination.

Fabric patterns in black and white.

Black panels to make the waist optically look slimmer.

Black stripes were seen all over the runway, in suits and dresses.

Goodbye zebra print, hello cow print!

Black mesh fabrics.

White mesh fabrics in an all white outfit.

Long white skirts.

Black and white ruffles.
White outfit paired with pointy black shoes.

Isabel Marant puts black patterns on the sides of white pants and the other way around.

A karate- inspired suit with black belt.