Sunday, 16 December 2012


Let us share our newest favorite with you, the hottest nailpolish trend for this holiday season.
And not only that, we will show you where to buy and how to apply.

Get it yourself or start shopping for Christmas.

It’s every girls treat, and might be an addiction for some. It is mine without a doubt. My dressing
table is completely dominated by nail polish. Don’t you feel much more pretty every time you
polished your nails with the newest color of your favorite nail polish brand? No diamonds, nail polish
is a girl's best friend! It’s the cheapest fashion item to be fond of and a perfect gift for Christmas.

The trend for this holiday season is, as always, the more glitter the better. And if glitters aren’t
sparkly enough for you, I’ll share with you my newest favorite; ‘Caviar Nail Polish’. Pick your favorite one and be warned; don't lick your fingers!

Buy the caviair nailpolish online at Sephora or Asos

Check out the DIY as well:

Written by: Sharron van den Berg